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I am honored to see the intensity of confidence displayed by our community. Most certainly, it was reflected at the November 5th election.
I walked and I talked personally to my entire community. I spoke to anyone who would listen to me, thousands of residents, local businesses, religious and civic organizations. I heard my community loud and clear.
While, election victory is a great honor. Today, I am out thanking the community for having faith in me. I am aware there are some bridges to be built and promises to be kept. Rest assured, I will represent the entire Riverhead Community.
In keeping with Abraham Lincoln’s Mantra, you serve the people best, when you serve them first. I will serve Riverhead Residents first

Thank you,


Happy and healthy New Year!

Please join me at the Town of Riverhead Inaugural Ceremony on January 1, 2019 at 1pm at the Suffolk Theater. 

Newsday 12/31/2019

Supervisor-elects in Riverhead, Hempstead anxious to start agendas


Election night 

PROTECTING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: Welcome to my website. Please support me on my journey to becoming the next Riverhead Supervisor. My platform is based on moving our town forward, fighting for fiscal stability, downtown revitalization, maintaining our youth in our hometown through employment opportunities, increased and proactive code enforcement, lower taxes, reducing overcrowding in our schools, supporting our police, fire, EMS, farmers, teachers, and true transparency in government, moderately priced homes, saving our farmland and the 1000 of protected acres in EPCAL.


Why I am running for Town Supervisor.

Where do I stand on the issues?

Please press on the weblinks below:

During the debates at Polish Hall and on the Riverhead Local Facebook debate. I presented my views on the illegal housing crisis, overcrowded in schools , the 100 million dollar school bond, the masterplan, EPCAL and flooding in Downtown Riverhead.

The Riverhead Local Facebook debate

My response to the supervisor's viewpoint that I have no plan for overcrowded areas.

Overcrowding in the Riverhead School District and the 100 million dollar bond issue. I have a 10 point plan to address the crisis in our school district. 

Video at the school board meeting on September 24, 2019 

Articles on 100 million dollars bond issue.

Here is my 10 point plan to address illegal overcrowding in Riverhead.

Proposed Task Force addressing illegal overcrowding in Riverhead (Ten Point System):

1. Create a Task Force to pool all our resources, i.e. code enforcement officers, fire marshals, police, a town attorney, traffic control officers (TCOs), building inspectors, and code enforcement officers. The goal is to pool our resources and work collectively in a cohesive manner. For example, identify locations where cars are parked illegally on both sides of the streets, causing traffic congestion. Once these violations are observed by our traffic control officers, violations should be documented.

2. The task force should be headed by a town member who is well-versed in law enforcement, town codes and managerial experience.

3. Enhance the computer tracking system to identify and document illegal overcrowded homes and time stamp the violation(s) for processing purposes with identified levels of action.

4. Hire at least two additional code enforcement officers. This approach will eventually lead to a reduction in excessive school taxes. (Southampton Town has at least six code officers, Riverhead has only 3.5).

5.Meet with our town justices to ensure they are aware of increased code enforcement and resolve any concerns appropriately. Create an increased penalty scale consisting of at least $5,000 for the initial violation.

6. Commence legal action against landlords and homeowners who enable excessive renters in Supreme Court. Not one Supreme Court action has been initiated in the last two years.

7. Create an intelligence reporting system with checkboxes for all code enforcement officers, fire marshals, policer officers, traffic control officers, and the public to initiative the preponderance of evidence required in court. 

8. Identify those residences who have multiple garbage cans, doorbells, mailboxes, an excessive number of automobiles (unregistered and out-of-state), automobiles parked on front lawns, external wiring, homes with multiple locks, etc.

9. These violations can be simply documented on a short checkbox intelligence report, along with photograph(s) of the violation. Any town personnel who witness these violations can easily prepare the form quickly and submit the document to the Task Force for documentation into the tracking system. In addition, commence utilizing residency affidavits.

10. Establish a working relationship with the Riverhead Central School District and civic groups to report on the progress of the Task Force.

Regarding the downtown pattern book and the Master Plan for Downtown Riverhead.

I support a movie theater in Riverhead

I am walking every day in the hamlets to meet the residents, who call Riverhead home.


Host an Event: Ask a few friends over to meet the candidate for Riverhead Supervisor. Go to the "Contact" link above. Email Yvette Aguiar and present your ideas for hosting an event.

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