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 I was honored to see the intensity of confidence displayed by our community. Most certainly, it was reflected at the November 5th election.

I walked and I talked personally to my entire community. I spoke to anyone who would listen to me, thousands of residents, local businesses, religious and civic organizations. I heard my community loud and clear.
While, election victory is a great honor. Today, I working every day to address the complex issues such as COVID-19, the budget, revitalizing downtown, keeping our water district and obtaining additional funding for our town and school district.  I thank the community for having faith in me. I am aware there are some bridges to be built and promises to be kept. Rest assured, I will represent the entire Riverhead Community.
In keeping with Abraham Lincoln’s Mantra, you serve the people best, when you serve them first. I will serve Riverhead Residents first

Thank you,


A united community demands public water in area near former Grumman site — but Navy shows no sign of budging


 Please read the article in Dan's paper.


Thank you for all our veterans, who risked their lives to safeguard our American way of life.



Newsday 12/31/2019

Supervisor-elects in Riverhead, Hempstead anxious to start agendas


Election night 

PROTECTING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: Welcome to my website. Please support me on my journey to becoming the next Riverhead Supervisor. My platform is based on moving our town forward, fighting for fiscal stability, downtown revitalization, maintaining our youth in our hometown through employment opportunities, increased and proactive code enforcement, lower taxes, reducing overcrowding in our schools, supporting our police, fire, EMS, farmers, teachers, and true transparency in government, moderately priced homes, saving our farmland and the 1000 of protected acres in EPCAL.



I support a movie theater in Riverhead


Host an Event: Ask a few friends over to meet the candidate for Riverhead Supervisor. Go to the "Contact" link above. Email Yvette Aguiar and present your ideas for hosting an event.

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