PROTECTING OUR QUALITY OF LIFE: Welcome to my website. Please support me on my journey to becoming the next Riverhead Supervisor. My platform is based on moving our town forward, fighting for fiscal stability, downtown revitalization, maintaining our youth in our hometown through employment opportunities, increased and proactive code enforcement, lower taxes, reducing overcrowding in our schools, transparency in government, moderately priced homes and supporting our farmers.

My last fundraiser was at Pera Bell in Downtown Riverhead, supporting a local business. Unlike the current town supervisor, who is holding her fundraiser in Southampton.

Where do I stand on the issues? Please press on the weblink below:

I am walking every day in the hamlets to meet the residents, who call Riverhead home.


Host an Event: Ask a few friends over to meet the candidate for Riverhead Supervisor. Go to the "Contact" link above. Email Yvette Aguiar and present your ideas for hosting an event.


Friday, March 29, 2019 2:40 PM

Current News and Events

8/21/2019 Riverhead Local 

Board approves $175,000 pattern book for downtown redevelopment

Republican supervisor candidate Yvette Aguiar in an interview after the meeting called the pattern book “another delay tactic for not addressing the urgent issues that we have to revitalize downtown.”

She said Riverhead has “great architects who know every nook and cranny in our town and architects and designers serving on the ARB and other committees” and she does not agree with spending $175,000 for “pretty pictures.”

The "pretty picture book" does not mitigate the plague of storefronts for rent in downtown Riverhead. 

One of the 17 buildings for rent on Main Street in Riverhead

8/20/2019  From the Riverhead News Review  

Yvette Aguiar, Ms. Jens-Smith’s Republican opponent in this fall’s election, attempted to go along on the tour, but was told by a representative of the Lt. Gov. that it was a private event and was not open to the public.

Another fine example of transparency in local government.


Future of Riverhead Water District becomes a political campaign issue


Indecisiveness on by town supervisor on state water grant.

Aguiar selected to run for Riverhead Town Supervisor:


Future of Riverhead Water District becomes a political campaign issue


Dr. Aguiar's Cyber Challenge:


Professor Uses NYPD Training and Experience to Develop Interactive Class on Active Shooters, Campus Security:








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